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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Sara Lou!!!!! I really can't imagine what I would be doing, how I would be coping with my life if I hadn't met you. I used to have the thickest, curliest, most unruly hair on the planet! But, for the last 10 years, it has been falling out. I have done all the supplements and vitamins you can think of. I have been to all the doctors-general practitioners and dermatologists. They have run all the tests: regular blood work, hormone panels, iron levels, even scalp biopsies. It all came back normal. I was diagnosed with "androgenic alopecia" or female pattern baldness. I tried the medications, creams, topicals, hair styles, nothing really worked. I had resigned myself to just getting used to not having a lot of hair. Then I found Sara Lou. She sat down and went over hair piece options and what else might be available. She was (and still is!!!) so patient with all my questions and concerns, and she NEVER pressured me into any decision. I LOVE my new hair. Even years ago when my hair was thick all by itself, I never felt particularly beautiful. With my new hair, I feel absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I am turning heads when I go out now! Maybe it is the new hair. Maybe it is my new found confidence in myself. Whatever the reason, it never would have happened without Sara Lou. She is truly a miracle worker!! My own personal angel!!

-Rachel Jerry

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  • Hello my name is Karen. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Drs prescribed several medications over the past 22 yrs which allowed me to keep moving and reduced the pain and inflammation. A side effect from the medications was loss of hair.

    -Karen Erwin

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