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I have decent hair for the first time in my life. Yep, I am one of those people with thin, baby fine hair. In fact, when I was a baby my Dad and Grandma shaved my head two times to make my hair growing thicker. If it grew and thicker, then I shudder to think how much finer and thinner my hair would’ve been.

Custom Design Hair

I know hair is a pretty strong fiber, but in time, with enough developer, stains, and dyes, then more developer, stains, and dyes, hair can begin to break down and dry out. I have found two wonderful answers for someone that wants to change their hair color often.

Custom Design Hair

I get so confused about shampoos. There are so many choices and they all promise to be wonderful. How can you know what to use and does it even matter?

Custom Design Hair

A question I hear often is “Why do we need to trim hair in order for it to grow?” If you could see a hair under a microscope it would somewhat remind you of a piece of rope. A rope consists of many small fibers wound together into a bunch, then several bunches are wound together to make a rope. Hair somewhat looks the same.

Custom Design Hair

Winter is a good time for hats, scarves, and static in my hair. I’ve heard a lot of solutions for static, even so far as to use a dryer sheet on my hair. What do you think works good for you?


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