Split Ends and Rope

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A question I hear often is “Why do we need to trim hair in order for it to grow?” If you could see a hair under a microscope it would somewhat remind you of a piece of rope. A rope consists of many small fibers wound together into a bunch, then several bunches are wound together to make a rope. Hair somewhat looks the same. If you have ever had a rope that got messed up and frayed on the ends then you understand that as hard as you may try, you just can’t get those ends all wound around right again. The best way to fix that mess is to cut a clean end and throw the frayed end away. Then try harder next time to not let that damage happen again.

It’s the same with hair. Use great products and be gentle in how you care for your hair. If split ends happen again then trim off the bad end and start fresh with how you care for your hair. The rope will not grow but fortunately for your hair it is continuing to grow a little every day. Care for the ends correctly and your hair will get longer.

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  • Hello my name is Karen. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Drs prescribed several medications over the past 22 yrs which allowed me to keep moving and reduced the pain and inflammation. A side effect from the medications was loss of hair.

    -Karen Erwin

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