Changing Hair Color Often

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I know hair is a pretty strong fiber, but in time, with enough developer, stains, and dyes, then more developer, stains, and dyes, hair can begin to break down and dry out. I have found two wonderful answers for someone that wants to change their hair color often.

  1. Great Hair Care Products - When your stylist helps to connect your daily care routine to a great professional product that repairs the protein bonds in your hair, then you can play around with color changes for a while. Remember to have as much fun repairing your hair as you do destroying it if your chemicals are too hard. Over processing will catch up with you eventually and then a short haircut will help.
  2. Clip In Hair Additions - This is a great, easy, quick answer. Hair additions that are made from quality hair can be colored to your desired shade. I have one client that has several clip in top pieces that are all colored a little different. Some days she is a blonde and other days she has shades of low lights and high lights. Meanwhile her own hair is healthy with no harsh chemicals on it.

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