6 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Hair This Winter
12 / 19 / 23

6 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Hair This Winter

The winter months are full of enchantment. Holidays, family gatherings, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, snuggled in a warm, cozy blanket, there's nothing quite like winter. However, while you may be enjoying the winter, your hair could be suffering!

Cold winter weather combined with dry air from indoor heat can spell disaster for your hair. Cold, dry air can lead to a dry, flaky scalp and leave your hair prone to split ends and breakage. Like the rest of your body, your hair needs extra protection during the winter. By taking a few precautions during the winter season, you can protect it from winter damage and keep it looking strong and healthy.

Keep Your Scalp Moisturized

Blasts of cold, dry air are brutal to your skin and scalp. The lack of moisture in cold winter air can dry your scalp and cause it to become itchy, which can lead to irritation, dandruff, and even hair loss. A relaxing scalp treatment will moisturize your scalp and improve blood circulation, stimulating hair growth. In addition, these oils penetrate the hair shaft and help moisturize your hair.

Shampoo Less Often

Washing your hair is necessary to remove dirt and buildup, but shampoos also strip off the natural oils that protect your hair. In winter, try to extend the time between your hair washes. Washing your hair too often can dry your hair and scalp. Only those with very oily or sebaceous skin need to shampoo daily in winter months. Shampooing every other day, using a mild shampoo, during winter or drier seasons is best practice for most people with a balanced scalp. Avoid dry shampoos as a practice and only use them to prolong your style, shampooing them out daily.

Avoid Hot Styling Tools

Dry, cold winter weather can take a toll on your hair, and using hot styling tools can add to the risk of damage. The added heat from hot styling tools can make your hair dry and brittle, resulting in split ends and breakage. Winter is an excellent time to embrace your natural hair texture and try protective styles, such as braids, buns, twists, and ponytails, which give your hair time off from the heat.

Commit to Weekly Hair Treatments

The lack of moisture in winter air dries out your hair fast. During winter, it's vital to deep condition your hair more often than usual. Weekly hair treatments can help replenish the moisture on your hair and scalp and are an excellent preventative measure to keep your hair healthy. Once a week, you should take the time to baby your hair by applying conditioner and allowing it to remain for a full 30 minutes to enable the moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.

Never Go Outside With Wet Hair

It's important to never go out in the cold while your hair is still wet. Your hair is always most vulnerable when wet, especially in cold weather. Everything expands when exposed to the cold. When you go outside into the cold weather with wet hair, the hair shaft expands, putting your hair at risk of breakage and making your color fade faster.

Take Better Care of Your Hair This Winter

Just as the cold affects your skin, it also affects your scalp and hair. Cold, dry winter weather can cause your scalp to become dry and flaky, leaving your hair dry, rough, and brittle. However, taking a few precautions can keep your hair looking smooth and beautiful this winter.

At Custom Design Hair, we understand that everyone's scalp and hair are unique. In addition to showing you ways to protect your hair this winter, our team of experts can provide guidance and solutions to keep your hair looking its best all year long. Contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation to learn how to care for your hair better this winter.