New Hairstyle but Old Styling Habits

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Having a new hairstyle feels so good. It makes me feel fresh, clean, and ready to go. It makes me want to wear a new shirt, or at least one of my nice ones. My friends and I were talking about new styles today and the process we go through and the pictures we search through to find the perfect new look. The funny thing about that new look is that sometimes a few days later the style doesn’t have the same fresh look that it had when we left the salon. Why can’t we create that same look at home? Your hair is just a few days out from that great style but it is already beginning to look like the old style. What can you do? Here is the answer my friends and I came up with – “My style may be new and my hair freshly cut but my hands didn’t get the memo on how the style was created.”

The answer is – Communication! Talk with your stylist on what techniques you need to use for this new creation. Watch how the stylist uses the tools, what products were used, and how much was used. If you do the styling the same way you have always been doing it, you will get the same results you have always been getting. Get out of your box and try one new little technique at a time and create your own new look.

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  • Hello my name is Karen. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Drs prescribed several medications over the past 22 yrs which allowed me to keep moving and reduced the pain and inflammation. A side effect from the medications was loss of hair.

    -Karen Erwin

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