Come Experience Our Store's New Renovations & Upgrades!
03 / 22 / 23

Come Experience Our Store's New Renovations & Upgrades!

Custom Design Hair is proud to announce that we have refurbished our center, making it more modern, sleek, and overall, more efficient!

At Custom Design Hair, we have always catered to those with hair loss who seek a clean, private, and professional space. With our new hardware, software, and system updates, we are now able to get you in and out, in less time, while still offering you the same amazing services!

our products

Hardware Updates

New flooring throughout the salon has done away with any visual imperfections, as well as providing better floor grip. A new cleansing station has been installed where you can take notice of the care that we provide to each individual hair system. We make sure each system is prepared hygienically and matches your specific needs. We also make sure to provide the perfect amount of water pressure from the basin nozzle so it’s a refreshing and relaxing experience.

cleansing station

System Removals

New removal systems are now more efficient, less uncomfortable, quicker, and more relaxing! By using more modernized technology, we’ve improved our existing removal techniques. We’ve also installed operational improvements, by focusing on your fresh look and relaxing experience. To make it even more comfortable and relaxing, we have added a refreshing hot towel experience to the removal process. This serves a dual purpose as while it calms you and eases tension it also aids in loosening adhesives from the hair and scalp!

System Storage

Clean and efficient is the goal and that’s exactly what we accomplished with our new storage for hair systems. While our snap closure hanging bags store all our products and hair systems together for easier access. Our larger systems such as our CNCs, use enclosed boxes to keep the systems clean and prepared for the next use. This process has allowed us a better time management system, as well as the systems are much easier to prepare for your upcoming appointment.

store front

Computer Software

With our updated software, we are now able to keep track of past purchases such as products, hair system orders, and services. This assists us in being able to provide you quickly and efficiently with any and all hair care needs. We have also updated our appointment books to send you regular reminders and upcoming events so that you are always in the know! Your appointment date, time, and service will be sent to you before your appointment, and you are always welcome to contact us if there is any conflict of schedules or any other services you would like to add to your appointment time.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line hair studio with a functional, personal, and efficient environment, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to Custom Design hair to schedule a FREE consultation today. We are excited to walk alongside of you in your hair care journey!