COVID-19 and Hair Loss – What You Need to Know
01 / 22 / 22

COVID-19 and Hair Loss – What You Need to Know

So, it’s January. Now what? New year, new you, right? COVID isn’t new anymore, it’s still here and still brings all the questions.

Did you get it? Do you have it? Vax or Un-vax? But the real question is, have you asked yourself, is my hair loss related to COVID?

At Custom Design Hair, we are seeing clients that are suffering from COVID related hair loss. Here are some things you may need to know:

  • How did COVID affect my hair?
  • Is my hair coming back?
  • Now that I've had it what do I need to do to get my hair back?

How Did COVID Affect My Hair?

What we have learned from COVID is to expect the unexpected. COVID has affected people in so many different ways. In 20% of people, one of those side effects includes hair loss. COVID “hair loss” is actually telogen effluvium (TE) hair shedding. When the body forces more hairs than normal (50-150 strands per day) into the shedding phase. TE is a common response to illness, fever, and stress.

What does COVID hair loss look like? Hair coming out in large quantities all over the head, or diffused thinning. (If you have a rash, itchy scalp, or burning, something other than telogen effluvium is likely causing your hair loss, and it’s time to see a dermatologist or trichologist.) Custom Design Hair has a certified trichologist on staff here to help you determine the cause of hair loss you are experiencing.

Is My Hair Coming Back?

Yes, your hair will leave the shedding phase and the hair loss or telogen effluvium will go away. Hair shedding is a normal process. It is temporary so long as COVID was the only cause.

There are hair regrowth solutions you can use to help encourage growth. When your body has returned to its previous (pre-COVID) healthy state, we can help you decide if this is the only thing causing this issue. As well as what is the best method of preventing any future hair loss.

Now That I’ve Had It What Do I Need to Do to Get My Hair Back?

TE can be another crushing blow to those who have already dealt with so much. In some TE is so extreme, alternative hair is needed. See our page about hair loss solutions for women and men. The good news is that TE after COVID generally stops on it its own without treatment. The bad news is it takes several months to stop shedding hair. It can take up to nine months to see your hair looking normal again. It is important to treat this hair shedding early, because while this kind of hair shedding is usually not permanent… there is no quick fix.

We are here to help you with suggestions that range from vitamins to stress-reducing exercises, and of course, we have all kinds of ways to enhance your hair, from toppers, fibers, styles, and hair loss prevention products. We also offer free consultations, and a Trico-test so you can see your hair follicles yourself. When we use a Trico-scope you can gain information that will be useful to ensure you know you're on the right path to growing that hair back.

Stress is a leading cause of hair loss, and COVID is stressful, but so is losing hair. Being stressed about hair loss is normal. At Custom Design Hair, we encourage our clients to make a considerable effort not to over worry. Remember this is a temporary hair loss and we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation or take our hair loss quiz and learn more about how we can help you!