I’m Losing My Hair, Should I Get a Topper?
05 / 04 / 22

I’m Losing My Hair, Should I Get a Topper?

You’re losing your hair and you’re not going to be happy with the hair regrowth. Even if you can get your hair to grow, you know that it’s going to take too long, and you want help with your hair now. You have decided to look into hair loss solutions and decided to get a topper. This has led to many questions – What kind do you get? How do you take care of it? How do you wash it? What about taking care of it and styling it? Is it easy to style? What type of hair do I get for my topper and what is the difference? This list goes on and on. Let’s start with briefly explaining the first steps of getting a topper.

Toppers Explained

Let’s start with explaining what a topper is. A topper is something that goes on the top of your head to cover hair loss. It is not extensions, as it does not go below the occipital bone normally speaking. It can be anywhere from the size of a part line (2 1/2” W X 5”L), to the size of your open hand fingers closed. If you are in need of something bigger, a hair restoration system may be a better option for you. However, this blog is about toppers.

Toppers Construction

The next step is to decide what kind of topper you want. How long do you want it? What color would you like? Would you like it straight or with some kind of curl or wave to it? Answering these types of questions tells us if we are talking about a custom-made topper or in-house topper. Once we’ve decided the physical characteristics of the appearance of your topper then we can decide what kind of construction it should have.

Applying the Topper

For a topper, it will need to be determined if it needs to be bondable, tappable, or clipped in. If you want something that you take on and off every day and something that you can style when you want to, we offer processed 100% human hair toppers. These toppers can be clipped in. This means they clip into your existing hair. We can also look into taping the topper on. If you have areas that there’s enough skin showing, then we can tape the topper to your scalp. Opting to do this method can make your topper last days to weeks without having to remove it. We also offer bonding. Bonding means it is semi permanently, non-surgically adhered to your scalp. Doing this type of method, allows the topper to last for weeks without having to remove it.

Scheduling a Consultation

There’s a lot to think about when deciding to get help with your hair loss, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Custom Design Hair, we invite you to take our hair loss quiz, or schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation. At your consultation, we can help you answer all of these questions and make recommendations. This will help us determine which topper is going to be best for you and your lifestyle. We will present to you all the options we have available and discuss the care and salon visits required. If you have any additional questions about a topper, we always invite you to contact us.