I Have Hair!
06 / 07 / 18

I Have Hair!

I have decent hair for the first time in my life. Yep, I am one of those people with thin, baby fine hair. In fact, when I was a baby my Dad and Grandma shaved my head two times to make my hair growing thicker. If it grew and thicker, then I shudder to think how much finer and thinner my hair would’ve been.

Growing up, I did not think much about my hair until I overheard some matron’s “Poor girl” comment. After that, shampoos and treatments guaranteed to produce thick wavy hair were my quest. Anyone remember the TV commercials from VO5 and Clairol’s Herbal Essence shampoo and rinse? I would’ve really liked to have had hair like Kelly LeBrock, just as Clairol promised.

As an adult, I grew my hair to my waist, substituting length for thickness and volume. I became an expert at creating a bun that made my hair look thick and romantic. Later, as a single mom of two young sons, I had my hair cut short. Time passed. I aged. My hair began to thin and fall out. Gritting my teeth, I did the woman’s version of comb-overs and hair sprayed the strands into a rigid helmet.

In April, Sara Lou came to my rescue with a solution for my thin hair. Snap, snap, snap and I’m ready to go. Yep, I have hair! My oldest told me when I got home, “Mom you look weird with hair, but it’s a good weird.” As a business professional, I no longer have to cringe inside when someone taller than my short self looks down on my head. No more bald spot! I can concentrate on what I am doing without secretly wondering… Did the hairspray hold… Oh no, no rain!

Folks are saying, “man you are looking great! Did you do something with your hair?” Yep, I got hair thanks to Sara Lou…and I love it!

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