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I get so confused about shampoos. There are so many choices and they all promise to be wonderful. How can you know what to use and does it even matter?

As a trained professional I can tell you that I understand your predicament. There seems to be hundreds of products to choose from. I have found to help me make my decisions, I go to the source. I pick products I offer in my salon by finding manufacturers that care about quality results. We all have experienced products that look good, smell good, maybe even feel good, but the results are not positive. I want a company that will stand behind what they say about their product. I would say to look for a professional hair stylist that cares enough to offer really good products. They can help direct you.

I want to add that even the best of products that are compromised by blasting your hair with hot dryers, or stretching your hair with rough action and hard brushing, will not solve all of your hair problems. Water with hard minerals or strong chemicals can also cause issues. Healthy hair needs great product help to stay healthy.

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