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“Custom Design Hair” says it all.

Men at all stages of hair loss come to our studio to get “back to right”. Whatever hair problem you’re facing, we’ll find the solution by starting at the cause. The professional team at Custom Design Hair will create your personalized program based on the results you want to see taking into consideration the solutions you’re interested in exploring, your budget, lifestyle, and type of hair loss. Your custom plan will likely feature a combination of techniques to restore your confidence and style.

A Different Type of Studio

The hair loss professionals at Custom Design Hair are dedicated to helping you resolve your hair loss concerns. We have a wide array of resources, so you are never restricted to staying within a brand. Our commitment is to you rather than one brand or manufacturer. By aggressively pursuing the newest techniques and technology, we offer our clients choices that can fit their needs, lifestyle and budgets.

It Starts with You

Sara Lou’s personalized approach is rooted in both collaboration and research. The best solution for you can only be determined by considering all the factors that impact your experience. Those include the cause of your hair loss, the activity level involved in your lifestyle, your ability to maintain a hair system, and the hairstyle you want. At our studio, we’ll present the very best options that will deliver the results you need to feel comfortable and confident in your hair.

Custom Design Hair will design your personalized plan for you. Here are some of the non-surgical options.

Cesare Ragazzi

As the exclusive provider of Cesare Ragazzi hair loss solutions in Custom Design Hair offers our clients the best options in the world. For men with male pattern baldness, there simply is no higher-quality non-surgical restoration option. Every step in the creation of a Cesare Ragazzi hair system is meticulously customized to the exact specification of the individual client. The CNC process goes beyond all other established solutions to deliver the most natural looking, personalized, and comfortable non-invasive hair restoration in the world. It looks, feels, and acts just like your natural hair. Better yet Cesare Ragazzi's CNC process is medical grade, cool, comfortable and exact. It's like a second scalp with the hair you dreamed of having.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement

Custom Design Hair has developed a close relationship with hair providers around the world. By evaluating your goals, we can access the best solution from an array of companies and are not limited to only one brand. So many factors need to be considered in providing the best non-surgical hair replacement that matches your own existing hair, such as texture, color, direction of the hair to match your own hair growth pattern, shape, size and style. Hair Replacement is both a science and an art, combined to achieve that perfect look.

Skilled Styling

Men just starting to notice hair loss, or those with hair loss caused by scarring or burns, can often get the style they want without adding hair. Most stylists simply don’t have the specialized training or experience to get great results from less-than-perfect hair. Sara Lou first explored the world of hair restoration when she realized she had a talent and passion for restoring the look of fullness for men with hair loss and shares this knowledge with her associates. At the early stage of hair loss, products and techniques can minimize the impact of your hair loss on your appearance.

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  • Sometime ago we moved from out of state to Northwest Arkansas. For the past 30 years I had worked with the same hair stylist for my hair replacement needs. I thought I had the best stylist going but little did I know the best was yet to come! When I started looking for a new stylist in NWA after the move, every inquiry seemed to point me in the direction of Sara Lou at Custom Design Hair. Quite obviously after working with the same stylist for 30 years I was extremely hesitant about making the change but finally talked myself into making an appointment with Sara Lou. Glad I did, right from the first moment we met I was put at ease with her friendly and personal approach to dealing with my specific needs. I am just sorry it took me 30 years to finally find the best! Sara Lou has a customer friendly can do attitude and after working with me and my situation, I can’t imagine a hair replacement problem that she cannot successfully conquer!


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