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Top Secret offers clip-in hair to resolve thinning and patchy hair loss. When used properly, these affordable additions create head-turning styles that looks completely natural.

For those women who have plenty of hair and just want an instant new style or color change but not something permanent, Top Secret can be our answer for you. No one will ever know your secret if you choose Top Secret at Custom Design Hair.

Sara Lou started her career in the world of beauty shops and hairdressers. Helping people feel excited and confident was always the satisfying part of her work, but it took years for her to realize that hair restoration was her calling. When she started looking for better ways to help her women clients who were fighting hair loss, Sara Lou discovered Top Secret. Their top-of-the-head clip-in hair additions – carefully designed to be undetectable – were the first solutions that truly made a difference for her clients.

Fantastically Functional

Do you want to keep your thinning hair a secret? Top Secret (the original “Haircessory”) was created to do just that. Its design makes it impossible for others to notice. These hair additions are so comfortable that you might forget to notice that you’re wearing one. If you’re losing hair, the best possible outcome is that you get to stop thinking about it and get on with your life. Top Secret is a super-low-maintenance way to add hair without making a big commitment.

Perfectly Kept Secrets

The beauty of Top Secret is that this hair can be put in and taken out so easily, and without damage to your existing, growing hair. For some ladies who are just looking for fullness or color change, Top Secret is an easy way to add low lights or high lights without treating your growing hair. No over-processing just to create a change for a specific event or quickly arrange a new look.

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  • Hello my name is Karen. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Drs prescribed several medications over the past 22 yrs which allowed me to keep moving and reduced the pain and inflammation. A side effect from the medications was loss of hair.

    -Karen Erwin

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