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Sara Lou is absolutely delighted to be the exclusive Cesare Ragazzi affiliate in Northwest Arkansas. Cesare Ragazzi has an established 40-year reputation in the European market known for their research in Trichology (science of hair and scalp) and providing medical-grade hair loss solutions. Recently expanding to the US, Custom Design Hair is among the first 10 hair loss studios to exclusively represent them. Want to have the very best in hair replacement, ask about Cesare Ragazzi's CNC process.

The Impossible Made Possible

If anything can restore the feeling of complete confidence in your hair, it’s Cesare Ragazzi. Sara Lou is incredibly proud to be the exclusive provider of the Cesare Ragazzi CNC system in Northwest Arkansas. Having personally toured the facility in Italy, Sara Lou has a deep appreciation for their research and production. There is definitely an "art" for these masters of hair replacement.

If you fear that your remaining hair will be shaved or damaged, that's not the case with Cesare Ragazzi CNC system. You can wear this over your existing hair without any damage to your own hair.

This hair system isn’t a wig. Cesare Ragazzi CNC system is a precision-engineered membrane that’s painlessly and non-surgically grafted to your scalp. Its color matches your skin perfectly, and it seamlessly follows the contours of your scalp. You wear your system 24 hours a day – to sleep, to swim, or to walk in the rain.

Rooted in Integrity

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories is proud to be medically-approved in Europe and are now bringing their technology to the US. The CNC system arose from the development of a second skin to cover burns, bedsores, and other injuries. Someone decided to try implanting hair into that micro-thin membrane, and a hair system was born. In an industry full of products made by wig companies, this European company stays at the edge of innovation by staying true to the client’s wellbeing. They use the very best hair in the world, making sure that it’s never been exposed to a chemical process. The result has consistently proven to be the very best hair system in the world.

At Custom Design Hair, Cesare Ragazzi is the ultimate in innovation and potential. But it’s definitely not for everyone. To find your ultimate solution, you’ll have to call 479-640-2038 and schedule your free, private consultation.

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