Non-Surgical Hair Grafts

Custom Design Hair

Ready to feel great about your hair? A personalized Non-Surgical Hair Graft could make it a reality. We mingle 100% natural human-hair grafts in amongst your natural hair to create instant, semi-permanent results. You choose the color and texture of the added hair to get a natural look that fits your personal style. The result is effortless around-the-clock fullness that lets you do whatever you want – swimming, biking, wind surfing (you name it!) – without concern about your hair.

Hair for Your Lifestyle

Want to solve your hairloss and enjoy a full head of hair that looks and feels like real growing hair? Go to the gym, ride in a convertible, swim, skydive. .. love your lifestyle without worrying about your hair. Secure and completely undetectable, add any amount of fullness and length without damaging your existing hair.

The Truly Flexible Solution for Women's Hair Loss

Since hair loss is unique, we create a personalized solution for each of our clients. Non-surgical hair grafts are a solution for women with noticeably balding area. If you can see your scalp, then top of the head hair replacement is your solution. Attached by your hairloss specialist, there's nothing for you to do other than wash, dry and love your hair.

Permanent and Non-Surgical

Non-surgical Hair Grafts are a permanent, non-surgical solution to your hair loss. These grafts deliver the natural-looking results of surgery without the cost, scarring, and recovery time. Directly attached to your scalp, hair grafts are cut and styled to blend with your existing hair. Enjoy a full head of hair 24/7 worry-free and visit your hair stylist on a normal monthly schedule.

Ready to Get Your Hair Back?

A Custom Design Hair non-surgical hair grafts can eliminate your worries about hair loss. If you want to explore non-surgical hair grafts or just start a conversation about what’s happening with your hair, we’re here for you. We hope that our one-on-one approach and extremely private studio will put you at ease as you find your just-right answer. To schedule a free hair-and-scalp assessment to identify your options, give us a call at 479-640-2038.

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  • Hello my name is Karen. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Drs prescribed several medications over the past 22 yrs which allowed me to keep moving and reduced the pain and inflammation. A side effect from the medications was loss of hair.

    -Karen Erwin

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