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Many men and women come to us hoping to learn more about hair replacement—and we are happy to oblige. But for some of our clients, there are a number of viable options for hair regrowth. For those in the early stages of hair loss, it may be possible to reverse the effects of baldness and to stimulate healthy new hair growth. Custom Design Hair is a proud proponent of hair regrowth here in the Rogers, AR area.

The first thing to understand is that hair loss is often the result of unhealthy scalp conditions. When the skin on your head is compromised in some way, it can impede the hair follicles from doing their job. By reversing these unhealthy scalp conditions, it’s often possible to trigger new activity from the follicles, resulting in a healthier head of natural hair.

One way we do that is through an emphasis on trichology—the field of dermatology that pertains to the scalp. We have a number of trichology-based products we can offer, including CRLab—a world renowned line of natural and holistic hair loss remedies, proven safe and effective in reversing the impact of hair loss.

When you join us in our studio, you can receive a free scalp evaluation. This will help you get a better sense of what might be causing you to lose your hair. From there, we can suggest a customized program of scalp treatments and trichology-based therapies, including topical solutions as well as supplements. These solutions don’t work over night, but many of our clients have found that they have an amazing cumulative impact.

Hair loss can be discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. It can often be addressed through a focus on underlying scalp conditions—and for many clients, the welcome result is new hair growth.

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  • Sometime ago we moved from out of state to Northwest Arkansas. For the past 30 years I had worked with the same hair stylist for my hair replacement needs. I thought I had the best stylist going but little did I know the best was yet to come! When I started looking for a new stylist in NWA after the move, every inquiry seemed to point me in the direction of Sara Lou at Custom Design Hair.

    — John

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