The women who join us in our Rogers, AR salon experience different degrees of hair loss. Some of our clients have already lost quite a bit of their hair when they come to us, but others have just begun to notice some mild thinning. We have different hair loss solutions to accommodate these different levels of need, and one such example is hair extensions. For many women, human hair extensions, as well as hair toppers, provide the perfect way to address thinning hair. At Custom Design Hair, we are pleased to offer extensions and toppers from some of the world’s top brands.

What are hair extensions and hair toppers, exactly? These are hair pieces that can be naturally integrated into your own growing hair. Toppers are distinct because they are usually woven into the top part of the head, while extensions may be worn elsewhere. We provide both extensions and toppers made from high-quality human hair, including options in a full array of colors and styles.

Extensions and toppers are especially useful for women whose hair loss is fairly minor. For example, many women who join us in our studio still have a lot of hair on their scalp overall, but may have a few areas of noticeable thinness. Extensions and toppers can help conceal those patches, and also augment your growing hair with additional volume and length. Additionally, extensions and toppers are smart options for women who want to experiment with highlights and bold splashes of color.

When you join us at Custom Design Hair, we can ensure that your extensions and toppers fit properly and securely; you won’t ever have to worry about them coming “undone” while you’re out and about. Additionally, these women’s hair pieces can come in any color, texture, or style you wish—meaning you can choose something that seamlessly blends in with your natural hair, or you can opt for a bold new look!

We take pride in the products we offer here in our Rogers salon, and as such we only offer extensions and toppers from leading brands; these are products we’ve tried and found to be of the very highest standards of quality.

You may very well be a good candidate for extensions and toppers—but how can you know for sure? The best approach is always to come meet with us for a private, one-on-one consultation. In our relaxed and welcoming salon, we’ll answer any hair loss questions you may have, walk you through options, and help you determine which solution best fits your needs and your budget. If you’re interested in extensions or toppers, we can happily show you some different products.