There’s a lot more to wigs than hair from a box. The secret to a good wig is proper measurement, fit and cutting it in to frame and compliment your face.

The most important qualities of a wig are fit, comfort and looks. Especially for women experiencing medical causes of hair loss, your scalp may be very sensitive and the design and stitching of the wig can be pain-free or intolerable, depending on the choice and design of wigs.

At Custom Design Hair, we take proper measurements to ensure a good fit, advise on construction of the wig, and upon delivery, cut in the best style that fits your face. Often too much hair is a give-away that you are wearing a wig. It still needs to be styled and volume of hair be age-appropriate to have a natural and beautiful look.

One Standard of Quality

Custom Design Hair is different from other hair studios. When you come here, you don’t have to know all of our products or be ready to commit to a brand. Custom Design Hair specializes in solving hair loss because we are passionate about helping men, women, and children feel good after hair loss. We handpick every single solution that’s available at Custom Design Hair, and we only recommends those that will get the best results. If the thought of getting a wig stresses you out, or if you’re unhappy with the hair you have now, don’t hesitate. You will find a better option with our help.

Some of our wig lines include:

  • Sentoo, a top collection wigs from Europe that are light and naturally comfortable.
  • Envy, a wig collection of classic and timeless appeal consisting of man-made fiber and human-hair blends designed for style, comfort, and peace of mind.
  • Gemtress, a wide variety of wigs, ranging from luxurious hand-tied 100% Remy human hair to fashionable wigs made from synthetic fibers.

Lots of Price Points

There is no such thing as one “best wig”. The reality is, the best wig for an individual is determined by very unique personal characteristics. The most expensive wig isn’t necessarily the best for everyone. Your wig or top of the head hair replacement will be designed to fit your needs and includes taking price into consideration. Don’t settle for an out of the box “fashion wig” which is not structured for comfort, fitted for your head and styled to look natural. You can have the very best by coming to Custom Design Hair.

Just for You

So often, a woman will buy a wig and end up not wearing it because it's uncomfortable, scratchy, and just doesn't fit them right. It stays in the drawer or box, pulled out occasionally but then discarded.

At Custom Design Hair, the customization is built around you –your lifestyle, your preferences, and what you can afford.